Every golfer, from novice to advanced benefits from golf lessons.
Whether a new golfer wanting to learn the basics and understand the game or an experienced golfer looking to take their game to the next level our teaching professionals can help. An experienced instructor can identify swing flaws, explain them in simple terms and most importantly make corrections and provide practice drills.

We do not subscribe to a "system" as some would call it. They are usually too strict in their methods and do not fit enough peoples abilities. Unless you fit these narrow parameters you will only become frustrated as you try to master something that your body may not be capable of doing.

What we try to do is take your bodies potential (everyone is different) and create the best swing possible to fit you. You will find this approach less frustrating allowing you to progress faster and improve your scores sooner.

The game of golf is a social event and should be treated as such. We will help you make the game of golf a more enjoyable experience. Professional instruction is vital to keeping your game on track. Often golfers try fixing the problem themselves which usually results in making a simple problem worse. A professional eye can see things you can't and we are not able to see our own swings. Rather than spending money on the latest gimmick or getting caught up in club marketing hype invest in lessons and see lasting improvements to your scores and enjoyment of the game.

Private Lesson

45min Lesson
1 Lesson  $80
3 Lessons $210
5 Lessons $300

All Lessons Include;
Video Analysis 
Take Home Notes
Access to Teaching App
Golf Clubs Upon Request

Semi Private Lessons

Semi Private 1 Hour (2 students)
1 Lesson $65each 
3 Lessons $180 each
5 Lessons $275 each

Group Lessons

Group Lesson 1 Hour (3-4 Students)
1 Lesson $50 each
3 Lessons $130 each
5 Lessons $175 each

Junior Lesson

30min Lesson (5-15yo)
1 Lesson  $50
3 Lessons $120
5 Lessons $175

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